Sunday, 15 September 2013


Great challenge Anne =)

I am sorry to be so out of touch, it really has been an awfully busy few weeks to open the new shop. It is done now and I am having a sunday off! Most weeks myself and my deputy have worked 90 hour weeks, it has been nice to dial it back a bit this week to 10-12 hour days lol. Next week I am going to try desperately to do proper shifts. We will see. Anyway, apologies for being away, but any time I was home I just sat and cuddled my boys, dogs and slept!

Oh and this was the week that we had our new kitchen fitted, well started anyway, they are hopefully going to finish by next friday =) It is coming together nicely and I cannot wait for next sunday to be able to actually cook in it =) I am looking forward to catching up with all your blog posts today and tomorrow and seeing if Kathi's kitchen is done.

Nicknames, hmmm, well when I was little I was Jennie-Wren, Jenniefreckles and so on. My first so- lovely boyfriend was an amazing guy (should never have left him!) and it was around the time of The Fast Show which we adored and I think I am right in saying that they had an ongoing sketch where they would point to each other and say, "you look like..." and then would insert something random and funny. Well one morning when we woke up and my long hair was tangled he said you look like a scribble monster, I said what, and he said, you know like when you are a kid and draw a big scribble overlapping itself and then you colour it in and turn it into a monster. Well I knew what he was talking about with colouring in scribbles but I never turned them into monsters. Boys! 

Anyway, it was funny and it stuck. Hence why I am ScribbleMonster on UKS. I am also renowned for always writing something and always have a clipboard with very good paper on it and a pen so I can compile lists, notes etc.