Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I have been away all day and I was wondering what the word would be Smile 

I didn’t see this coming duh.

Great word. My day hasn’t been extraordinary, but it is extraordinary how I have recorded it. Well the fact that for me I have recorded it this way.

I got the idea from a couple of sources. The BBC asked for people to video their day…that would have never worked Smile

Ali Edwards does her day in photos and journaling and I thought it would be great to do that today.

So brace yourself….this is long. Or you could just skip through to the next link…I don’t mind at all Smile

It started right here with this time;


Garrrgh! the weather said this…


…and this…hmmmm how to dress? Well same as I had planned-minus the coat Smile


My shortcut through north, north devon takes me through the windmill fields and they were just showing though the sunrise.


Sue was late…..and that isn’t like her..


We got to Plymouth, uncomfortably as we had to pick another person up at Tiverton!

The tremendously exciting agenda Smile with tongue out


Brekkie on the run….


Lovely sunny day Smile


All done, now need petrol.


Sun setting….


Shower Ali when I got home and get him ready for bed.

Had a lovely hour hanging out with the family when I got home, teasing Lauren, jibbing and cuddling Louis and listening to Ali telling me I don’t know what kind of story about zombie aliens. Also about Rich ( my bruv) who isn’t doing so well. Dr is out to see him tomorrow.



And me, a little bemused and exhausted Smile

Happy Leap day everyone, I know it is boring but I think I am already happy that I recorded it. I definitely think I will record a day when i’m home as well Smile

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


A very grey day today with a touch of blue and yellow.

A grey photo of the bird feeder that has been attracting some blue tits.


It was the funeral of my friend and colleague Vanessa today, after battling leukaemia for two years she sadly died. She was welsh although she hasn’t lived there for 30 years it was still a massive part of her and there was a splash of yellow to acknowledge that.

I can’t seem to string a sentence together so we will leave it at that.

Monday, 27 February 2012


Well I did misty on saturday and I did a tree yesterday.
Today's tenuous link is how misty it is when I take my glasses off.
I have used the tilt-shift app to blur it all and that is just what it looks like - hurrah for contact lenses and glasses.
And with that post publishing.......she takes her glasses off and lays down to sleep.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


The tree across the way from my bed/scraproom window is very dear to me, I love seeing it turn through the seasons. Here we are at the end of winter and it is showing the shape of it beautifully….all ready for it’s leaves which I expect to see the buds for within the next few days and weeks.

Helpfully this morning, the sun came up through it and filled it full of light.







I agree, the window does need a clean Smile

Saturday, 25 February 2012


I work in retail (every little helps Winking smile) and therefore I work saturdays. It’s a shame as I get saturdayitis. I suspect some of you get fridayitis. I suspect anyone that works full-time gets 5th-day-of-the-weekitis Open-mouthed smile

It usually comes on after lunch and the symptoms are these……happy feeling that Day Off Eve is approaching coupled with bone-aching weariness Smile It’s a different feeling to my day off in the week as that is school run day and a ‘normal’ day but Sundays are special.

I started especially early as I was Boss-Lady today and the Store Director was visiting to inspect so I made sure we were well set-up from the night team, they had done a good job and so it was just nervous waiting until he showed up.

It all went well though and then had a lunch with one of my colleagues to nail down some ideas for the wedding invites I stoooooopidly offered to make. Fortunately she likes my style so I won’t have to spend a week making stuff I don’t like Smile

I’m trying to distract you now from the awful cop-out of a photo today.


A screenshot of my calendar Eye rolling smile

Here though is a picture made by Ali on Nan’s new iPad that was sent to me at work today which cheered me up and kept me going.


Friday, 24 February 2012


And the cloud came down around us Smile

Mullacott Cross is one of the highest points around north devon and it catches every bit of weather in the vicinity. A mild mist everywhere else is thick fog over there. 


Thursday, 23 February 2012

In the details.


In the details of my walk this morning the wind was making the rigging sing. Most of the boats are out of the harbour, parked on the pier waiting for the spring. This sound is so evocative of home.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This is the ordinary state of my desk. I would love to tell you that I clear my desk away perfectly after each use. I am pretty good, my desk has to double/triple up as somewhere that I work, play and use as a dresser for slap-attachment of the rudiments of make-up. So if I don't tidy regularly it just kind of slides on to me and the floor.
This is an ordinary amount of drubble built up.
My remotes, always neat and tidy together pointing at the sky box to ensure maximum co-operation with the sky box and tv to keep me up to date with news, weather and my latest tv love (just now I am 6 episodes into The Wire which I kept missing and am now loving).
My iPhone box which I keep so my beloved has somewhere to rest happy when not clutched in my fist!
Some cardstock from making a card challenge at the weekend and copics from colouring the pic.
My ring and blingy-cheapy bracelet and a couple of empty contact lens pots.
Nice and ordinary. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sky High.

On my run that I do after work, I run along part of the North Devon Tarka Trail that takes me past RMB Chivenor (recently made famous by The Military Wives Choir, incidentally, one of the wives is a very sweet 22 year old that works for me and she came to tell me today that the baby she is expecting is going to be a little sister for her son-awww). Anyway I took this shot as I went past the airfield, I’m not sure quite what it is or why it needs to be that shape? On the way back a helicopter came into land and was hovering for a minute or two, but too low at the angle I was to get a good shot.


Monday, 20 February 2012


Our DIY endeavours this evening are probably on the fragile side.
My Dad will have been looking down on us and rolling his eyes at the same time :)
But he's not here.
The shower has been leaking for a while, not much, he did reseal it before he was too poorly but it is still not holding and the leak has been getting worse and starting to cause damage.
This time (Mum did it on her own last month) We decided that Mum should be in the shower so the base has a realistic weight in it.
So Mum was in it, me with the gun and then us darting out of the way whilst Louis went in and smoothed it down.

Well that's quite enough of my rock n roll lifestyle.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I am a dedicated follower of this type of fashion, not so with clothes. I am 'built for comfort not for speed' so clothes are an irritant to me as none of them look quite as I would hope :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Here is to hoping that Emma and Matt enjoy their domestic life together.
I cannot believe that I didn’t take the ‘big’ camera! I’m usually so switched on with that.
Emma asked as well where it was. I didn’t realise they went without a professional photographer.
I will ask her to let me shoot her at the beach if I can in the next couple of weeks.

Friday, 17 February 2012


Thanks everyone that has removed the captcha :)
I'm pretty sure that mine is disabled but please let me know!
Not a great shot today it's my folder pattern up close with a filter over it.
It has been a bad day though so I'm just glad I've done it!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What’s inside your handbag?

This got me to clean it out!


Purse, pills from when I had toothache, handcream, earphones, snack Winking smile

polos, gloves and my project life pencil case which is all ready for me to journal on the go….have I? No! But by gads i’m all ready.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I’m sorry Kim, i’m an employee of Tesco lol, I remembered to check for the prompt at breakfast so I went out and took this shot. This was all we had left of the roses and valentines blooms, at half price they were flying out. I meant to treat myself as I don’t have a partner but I forgot!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Lovely candlelight. I never need much of an excuse to light a candle.


Monday, 13 February 2012


My friendship bracelet (idea blatantly stolen from Jo Smile with tongue out) from my friend Sue, she is a button fan Smile
For my photo of the day I have also learned how to take a screen shot on my iPhone and upload to photoshop to edit, all thanks to Cathy Zielske’s great tutorial on her blog yesterday.
Here is the weather!