Wednesday, 22 February 2012


This is the ordinary state of my desk. I would love to tell you that I clear my desk away perfectly after each use. I am pretty good, my desk has to double/triple up as somewhere that I work, play and use as a dresser for slap-attachment of the rudiments of make-up. So if I don't tidy regularly it just kind of slides on to me and the floor.
This is an ordinary amount of drubble built up.
My remotes, always neat and tidy together pointing at the sky box to ensure maximum co-operation with the sky box and tv to keep me up to date with news, weather and my latest tv love (just now I am 6 episodes into The Wire which I kept missing and am now loving).
My iPhone box which I keep so my beloved has somewhere to rest happy when not clutched in my fist!
Some cardstock from making a card challenge at the weekend and copics from colouring the pic.
My ring and blingy-cheapy bracelet and a couple of empty contact lens pots.
Nice and ordinary. 


  1. Jennie,
    Thank you for your kind commments, you're an angel !
    I love your desk very much actually, as it gives small pieces of who you are and what you do. Houses where everything has a place look like they are not lived in (to me !) xxx

  2. Ordinary things that were once luxuries and are now essentials for 21st Century living .. I remember my folks getting the first wired 'remote..! And about Richard