Saturday, 25 February 2012


I work in retail (every little helps Winking smile) and therefore I work saturdays. It’s a shame as I get saturdayitis. I suspect some of you get fridayitis. I suspect anyone that works full-time gets 5th-day-of-the-weekitis Open-mouthed smile

It usually comes on after lunch and the symptoms are these……happy feeling that Day Off Eve is approaching coupled with bone-aching weariness Smile It’s a different feeling to my day off in the week as that is school run day and a ‘normal’ day but Sundays are special.

I started especially early as I was Boss-Lady today and the Store Director was visiting to inspect so I made sure we were well set-up from the night team, they had done a good job and so it was just nervous waiting until he showed up.

It all went well though and then had a lunch with one of my colleagues to nail down some ideas for the wedding invites I stoooooopidly offered to make. Fortunately she likes my style so I won’t have to spend a week making stuff I don’t like Smile

I’m trying to distract you now from the awful cop-out of a photo today.


A screenshot of my calendar Eye rolling smile

Here though is a picture made by Ali on Nan’s new iPad that was sent to me at work today which cheered me up and kept me going.



  1. Jennie, you work so hard. As we work for ourselves I forget the different pressures working for a big concern must imvolve.. no wonder you are so organised.. but sounds like your family and crafting let you step off the world when the day is done x

  2. Sounds like you live in a beautiful part of the country from reading your sidebar. Enjoy tomorrow. Well Done for being super organised too..xx

  3. Wow, love your organised calendar!! Love Ali's picture too xx