Saturday, 30 June 2012


Or not, failed dismally today. Epic Fail as the kids would say.
I have been making this book to make sure I got my required points for the month for my UKS team.
I have really loved this collection of papers, I have enough scraps for a couple of cards and a couple of large sheets which I shall chop up tomorrow for project life and then I think it is done Smile
Points done, off to bed now, I will swing by to see everyone in the morning xx

Friday, 29 June 2012


Oh a good old fashioned prompt to take a photo of something random. I have just read Anne’s post and I agree with it getting harder in some ways. I also like to take a photo on the day and I think maybe I haven’t on a handful of occasions.

So I have had a whizzer of a day, has just flown by and I have done so much work it felt like two days. I didn’t finish until 7 and the weather, well I have got your rain, so whoever has my sunshine i’d quite like it back Smile

The the road was closed due to an accident, so i took some country lanes half way across north devon to get round it. It was a lovely drive if a bit annoying to take me even longer to get home! I drove through the windmills that we have scattered around in that area and they looked great in the mist. The photo doesn’t really capture it very well.




You can just see some more of them there as well.

Right onwards, it is Simon Schama’s Shakespeare in a minute.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Free Choice: Beach.

Apologies in advance for those of you that have had or are having the torrential rain. It was wierdly lovely here, sea mist rolling in and out all morning, a dash of raindrops then clear blue skies, eventually clearing this afternoon so Ali and I hoofed it down to the beach after dinner.

Bliss @ beach 2



Clouds were rolling in by the end so it could be rain in a minute. I am sure it would have made a fantastic sunset but the boy needed his bed.

I’ll leave you with these.

Love us

Goodnight xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Our seats are beyond weathered now. They are very comfy but not so attractive now. For the last 3 years we have said we need to replace them Smile


Wow busy few days, so glad to be on a day off tomorrow Smile

This morning I was gone by 6am so I could leave early to collect Ali from his new school as he has been on transition day today. They did a display for us, which was a bit odd, his class sang a strange song about penguins lol. Anyway they were enjoying it which was the main thing.

We were so hot and he was so disappointed to miss swimming on Sunday as I felt his chest wasn’t quite back to normal. When I say disappointed I mean tantrum, shouting at me and being a very cross little boy Open-mouthed smile He calmed down and apologised pretty quickly so it was ok and we agreed we would try and go today. It was bliss as the pool was empty as all sensible people had gone in the free sea over the road. But we really felt like a swim in the pool. Maybe the beach tomorrow. As soon as we got home it was dinner and then I just had to have a little snooze Winking smile

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Still Life.

No imagination tonight so you get my dinner again. Tonight it's Eton Mess with a gourmet twist-I sprinkled over a crushed ginger biscuit. I know, I totally know how to rock it!
So still life, a fruit bowl with extras!!

Monday, 25 June 2012


Sizzling stir fry!
Ali is a bit clingy tonight so we are curled up watching tv. Apologies if you come by and I haven't been to you. I'm blogging this from the phone and I doubt I will get to the laptop, I'll catch up in the morning.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


A pleasure to have this prompt on a beautiful June day that does not include work Smile

A lie-in for an hour, then working on project life for a few hours, then ironing,  although watching Simon Schama’s Shakespeare at the same time was brilliant. I love that man.

Oh and before I forget, Jo’s Kermit was in The Muppets that Ali and I watched this morning during project life scrapping. Oh I had forgotten how much I love them all, not just Kermit.


Kermit for Jo Smile Fozzie, I loved him, such a gentle goof…and Animal, I found him a little bit anarchic and scary (gawd I was so square) but when he hit those drums I was so happy. M’ner ne ner ner, Mnem enem, Mnem, mnemenem. Something like that anyway Open-mouthed smile

Ali and I went to the posh park this afternoon. We have a park next to us which has a swing set and a roundabout so not very inspiring for a long visit. So we went to the posh park. It is beautiful. Bicclescombe it is called, I must find out why. Combe means valley and it is at the bottom of a valley, but no idea where the Biccles came from. It has tennis courts, a playground, a small lake and lovely stream with great landscaping.

Ali bicclescombe

Ali bicclescombe #2

Ali bicclescombe #3

Came home, made dinner (tricky spaghetti bolognese!), had a 20 minute power nap and then scrapped the weekly challenge for UKS for points.


A photo of me when I was about 18 months with my cousins.

Then watched the footie until kick-off, can’t bear watching it live anymore and now Louis and I are watching a movie until bed.

Pleasure indeed. Oh and only 8 weeks until I go part-time (with a 10 day holiday in there too).

Saturday, 23 June 2012


It is in the nature of things that when a woman was too tired to stay up past eight o' clock; then she would also need a lie in to catch up with some of her favourite bloggers :)

Friday, 22 June 2012


What a perfect prompt to kick off with.

I had a text conversation with Anne this morning which dragged me out of the doldrums. Thank you sincerely Anne Smile

So I looked around for the sunshine and of course there was loads.

Fun at work.

Two of my boys working our charity drive, or should I say cycle. We are cycling to the moon at tesco this weekend. Every store in Superstores South are cycling 536 miles this weekend on exercise bikes at the front of our stores. If all stores manage to do it then we will have cycled the 200,000 odd miles that it is the distance to get to the moon Smile

We are doing it for cancer research which is dear to my heart and has been for a long time.


I managed 15 miles and found that there is a part of my nether regions that really knows about that 15 miles, nuff said.

The other things that bring me sunshine.


No. 38. A little place called home and the view that cheers me up. I’m home.


Lovely Mum, (still feeling rough but she still did some chores today so I didn’t have to, Love her so much. Red heart

Lovely poorly sneezy Ali. Gawd is the poor chap ever bored of it now!

Fudge is always on a lap or planning his next lap attack.


The lovely Louis with the big hair. Why aren’t you changed into play clothes herbert?


The real sunshine trying so hard to get out before bed Smile


And last but not least the lovely Minty waiting on the bottom stair behind the gate for me to take her up to bed Smile

Oh and not a person but my crafty spot where I blog, scrap, craft, chat online etc.


I am so very grateful for my sunshine Smile

Thursday, 21 June 2012

SBD….Day 7 Cinders says Goodbye!

Well what a great challenge. I am so happy to have re-aquainted myself with Cinders and met all the lovely creatures along the way, I think the normal prompts will feel quite easy after this!


Cinders says goodbye Smile I do so love her.

In other news, Mum is a bit better but had to go to bed by lunchtime. Ali was ok for brief periods but had a wierd ‘sneezing over everything’ going on. Louis fell poorly through the night and Lauren is fighting it. She went to school though, hoping she would feel better this evening (which she did).

I had a productive day sorting and organising my room and stash whilst I mopped brows, fetched cool compresses and easy snacks! I now have this organised space in my room. I so wish I had taken a ‘before’ pic!



I have a sense of calm for having it all ‘sorted’. I am sure it will wear off Smile