Thursday, 14 June 2012


This post today is brought to you by Bindweed Elffrost.

So who or what is Bindweed Elffrost?

She is cheerful and friendly.

She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.

She can only be seen during the first snow of winter.

She wears tangled multicoloured skirts made of petals and has transparent green wings like a cicada.

Bravo Borqna for having the Fairy Name Generator on your blog and well done Anne for spotting it.

Here are the faces lurking around the place this afternoon generally making the place look untidy.


This last one has just opened in the garden Smile


Over and out from Bindweed Elffrost.


  1. Well, Binweed (I don't know if I will get used to that one), you took absolutely astonishing portraits of these 3 guys. I can see their character through their eyes. Really, it's a terrific job you did!!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry, I meant BinDweed !!!

  3. Great photos showing a range of personalities.

  4. Beautiful photos- they are really gorgeous. Are you going to 'scrap' those?

    Love the fairy name generator today-by Hazel Icewitch!!!!!

  5. oh bless what lovely eyes!

  6. Congratulations for the wonderful pictures! See beautiful faces!
    /This is amazing! Today, white flower bloom in the garden. The same!!! I took pictures.
    I have not published the photo./

  7. Wow, she is a stunner.. and hey, those hours in front the mirror and preening sure pay off.. as you know we have similar teens.. fun .. most of the time.. xx and those freckles!! I bet she has them too just like Kate.. under the foundation, love 'em xx

  8. Love those faces untidying your house LOL and well done with flower face too.
    Love your name Bindweed Elffrost!! from Briar Yewfly xxxx