Friday, 29 June 2012


Oh a good old fashioned prompt to take a photo of something random. I have just read Anne’s post and I agree with it getting harder in some ways. I also like to take a photo on the day and I think maybe I haven’t on a handful of occasions.

So I have had a whizzer of a day, has just flown by and I have done so much work it felt like two days. I didn’t finish until 7 and the weather, well I have got your rain, so whoever has my sunshine i’d quite like it back Smile

The the road was closed due to an accident, so i took some country lanes half way across north devon to get round it. It was a lovely drive if a bit annoying to take me even longer to get home! I drove through the windmills that we have scattered around in that area and they looked great in the mist. The photo doesn’t really capture it very well.




You can just see some more of them there as well.

Right onwards, it is Simon Schama’s Shakespeare in a minute.


  1. some of the windmills are very big arent they, great photo....shame you had to go the long way home. Hope you have a good weekend

  2. What a long way home poor you.
    I saw the prog in the TV guide and couldn't remember who mentioned Shakespeare the other day! Cannot watch it as we are babysitting and cannot get the TV to work now the littleones are in bed!! !

    Sorry we have your sunshine but won't swop you !!!

  3. Great photo Jen. Pity for the longer drive back home ! xxx

  4. Excellent photos Jen! Congratulations!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Hope the weekend is being kinder with weather.. my Kate is at T4 so hoping north coast, or is Weston 'Bristol Channel' gets a good dry Sunday .. xx