Sunday, 17 June 2012

SBD….Day 3

Well Cinders did the cleaning today like a good poor urchin Cinders!
Here is the wicked stepmother

She is trying to give the evil eye, but she just really looks like she needs her glasses or is really really tired!!
The Magic Mirror doesn’t have quite the look with the goggles in it does it Smile
Anyway one girl got to go to the ball. Lauren headed back out to Oceanfest. She came in drenched and tired last night, but was determined to go back and this morning the sun came out dried up the mud (a bit) and got quite hot so I drove her down there to meet her friends. She needed the distraction from Father’s Day and this was perfect.
IMG_1296IMG_1299The Welly Washing.
And she wore flowers in her hair.


  1. Ahh they never had Oceanfest T4 or Boardmasters in our day did they.. well not in mine..!! I've never even done Helston Flora but we do Mazey Day next week.. fingers crossed for sunshine... love the Wellies.. suddenly they are hip for the teens eh x

  2. I hope she had a great time. Love the flowers in her hair shot!

    My dd has had to go and borrow a pair of wellies today- because she's got to go and stand in the local park pond tomorrow looking for 'creatues'. She's well impressed!!!!!

  3. poor old cinders you do make her work hard! Love the grubby wellies and flowers in hair.

  4. Great photos! Bravo!
    / Yesterday with Nina looked at them. So I forgot to write a comment. I beg your pardon! /