Monday, 18 June 2012

SBD….Day 4

A tad melancholic today, missed Dad very much yesterday, I would have given a lot to have heard him humming and pottering around yesterday and giving his sawdusty cheek a kiss. Felt it for Lauren too of course, she went to oceanfest (as I posted for yesterday) and tonight we are both pretty tired in our pj’s ready for bed.

Do you know the quote/phrase that was popular a few years ago…..Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you? I was feeling a bit like that until this evening as well. Mum is poorly and has been in bed since thursday refusing to see the doc. Her lip was thick yesterday and I was nearly having a fit thinking she was stroking (family history of stroke and ones at her young age) so I told her that she was just to see a doc today regardless. Anyway she says she is feeling better and hopefully that is the truth and she will be better tomorrow. I know I wouldn’t have given it as much credence before. She is sensible, she was a nurse, she will see the doc when she wants. I don’t feel like that anymore…I feel like wrapping her in cotton wool!

Now I have an Ali in my bed with aches and pains and fevers and snivvels and scratchy red eyes Sad smile

So not such a bright and cheery Jen today sorry Smile


I have just been out to have a few moments fresh air before bed. Lovely yellow clouds and light.


Our ‘new’ garden pots have really cheered up this bit of wall.


Cinders helped me with the washing up. You know, I think maybe i’ll turn her back to her happy self. Maybe she’s bringing me down with her sad face Smile


  1. Awhh Jen I want to give you big huggs.. it is a strange day when the person everyone else is fussing about is missing.. I find it odd at Christmas when I see all the kinds of things you'd buy your mum or m-i-l for fillers.. diaries, perfume and stuff.. but guess my girls are getting bigger and they'll have to have them soon!
    Hope mum feels better soon.. does Cinders have the dual persona when you turn her over.. like tow dolls in one?

  2. Sending hugs your way- it must be a really tough time. I saw a lot of posts on facebook yesterday that made me tear up just reading them.

    I hope your mum is feeling much better tomorrow.

    Your photos are stunning today- beautiful colours. I love your garden.

  3. Big hugs, Jen. Departed loved ones still live in our memory for ever. Your sky photo is a pure beauty. xxx

  4. im sending some hugs in my human's stead.. shes still piling tissues onto that pile and we are all going to need waterproofs if she keeps this up.. hugs from vlad and nicky

  5. sorry to hear what you are going through, hope your mum is feeling better. Beautiful sky photo.

  6. I hope your mum is feeling much better. Courage!
    Your sky photo is a pure beauty. I love your garden too.