Friday, 22 June 2012


What a perfect prompt to kick off with.

I had a text conversation with Anne this morning which dragged me out of the doldrums. Thank you sincerely Anne Smile

So I looked around for the sunshine and of course there was loads.

Fun at work.

Two of my boys working our charity drive, or should I say cycle. We are cycling to the moon at tesco this weekend. Every store in Superstores South are cycling 536 miles this weekend on exercise bikes at the front of our stores. If all stores manage to do it then we will have cycled the 200,000 odd miles that it is the distance to get to the moon Smile

We are doing it for cancer research which is dear to my heart and has been for a long time.


I managed 15 miles and found that there is a part of my nether regions that really knows about that 15 miles, nuff said.

The other things that bring me sunshine.


No. 38. A little place called home and the view that cheers me up. I’m home.


Lovely Mum, (still feeling rough but she still did some chores today so I didn’t have to, Love her so much. Red heart

Lovely poorly sneezy Ali. Gawd is the poor chap ever bored of it now!

Fudge is always on a lap or planning his next lap attack.


The lovely Louis with the big hair. Why aren’t you changed into play clothes herbert?


The real sunshine trying so hard to get out before bed Smile


And last but not least the lovely Minty waiting on the bottom stair behind the gate for me to take her up to bed Smile

Oh and not a person but my crafty spot where I blog, scrap, craft, chat online etc.


I am so very grateful for my sunshine Smile


  1. Ahh Jen and you are a ray of sunshine to all of them I think.. enjoyed reading about your rays and despite being a grump this week I too know how great the family rays really are , even and especially when they start to shine in other corners of the world apart from ours!

  2. Such a lovely sentiment Kathi. I have just left a comment on your blog. xxx

  3. Sounds like you've been counting your blessings! Lovely post.

  4. Beautiful post Jen and I love your front door, it really looks like home ! xxx

  5. We seem to all have the same sunshines in our life, how important families and home are.x

  6. lovely pictures, well done on the cycling, good luck for all to raise the target set.

  7. What a lovely heart warming post. A lovely family and home. Well done to your store for raising money for such a wonderful cause.