Thursday, 28 June 2012

Free Choice: Beach.

Apologies in advance for those of you that have had or are having the torrential rain. It was wierdly lovely here, sea mist rolling in and out all morning, a dash of raindrops then clear blue skies, eventually clearing this afternoon so Ali and I hoofed it down to the beach after dinner.

Bliss @ beach 2



Clouds were rolling in by the end so it could be rain in a minute. I am sure it would have made a fantastic sunset but the boy needed his bed.

I’ll leave you with these.

Love us

Goodnight xx


  1. Jennie love the photos of you both with your eyes shut!!

    We too have had a balmy summer day with no rain and even though we lost our sun before sunset, all our windows and doors are open and it is still warm!

  2. What lovely photos!

    It must be sooooo lovely to head down to the sea for the afternoon. 4 weeks and counting for me!

  3. aww lovely pictures and looks like you both had a great time at the beach.

  4. Lovely photos Jen, we must visit you wit the girls, they would love that beach !!!
    Oh and to answer your question, I want to write iphone apps !!! xxx

  5. What beautiful photos, Jennie, It looks like you are having a great time

  6. Great pictures!
    They have great mood!
    Bravo - excellent concept for the last photo!

  7. That's what you have to do.. grab the day xx Just catching up.. here in Lille it has been very warm but also huge downpours but happy to view them from the laziness of our hotel.. x