Thursday, 7 June 2012


Poor photos today i’m afraid. I took a snap of my road sign, so good they named it twice! If you look closely at the right hand side you can see some blue tiles on the wall with the road name on and then they put up a sign too! Random.


I drove along the harbour this evening to see the waves. There weren’t many, yet, but the sea is humpy!


That is a technical nautical term i’ll have you know! Well at least when I worked at sea if it was humpy we knew there would be seasickness….ahhh those were the days……


  1. Ahhh, do you live that close Jen? I am five miles from the sea now and it's too far..! Bus man's holiday if you come this way, we can compare our seasides!

  2. I find the picture very interesting and beautiful! I love it!

  3. Looks nearly as cold as our day at the seaside. We are about 20 mins in the car from the sea but dont go often enough.

  4. I am so envious- we are as far as it is possible to be in the UK from the sea. I still wish my parents had bought my Grandad's little thatched cottage when he moved away from Cornwall- but although the price sounds tiny now it was out of their grasp. Don't think it had an inside toilet at the time either. But we still go to see the house that never was when we go on holiday!!!

  5. I love the sea side and actually I think the road sign makes a very pretty photo !

  6. Jenny I have finally arrived back to read your blog and catch up with your daily life!! What a shame you missed the Jubilee photo! Like you I really enjoyed the concert and had already seen the making of the song SING so it was great to see it put together on the stage, what a talented man Gary Barlow is!
    Well done on keeping up with your monthly project 2012, sadly I never got it off the ground once our flood happened in Feb