Friday, 15 June 2012

Same….but different…introducing Cinders.

Good grief, when Anne (kindly) messaged me this morning with the prompt I was perturbed. What could I use, what boring pile of produce could I use, what on earth? But tonight, getting home and seeing all your wonderful interpretations hello Clemmie, Hudson, Kermie, Moomin, Bendy Wizard etc. They are all fabulous and I was inspired to look for Cinders.

You remember the Tree of Life sampler that my Granny made me that I showed the other day. Well she was a really talented seamstress and for her three granddaughters she made a Cinderella Ragdoll. Mine was inspirationally named Cinders.


Here is mine, I absolutely Red heart this doll. If I had taken a sharp shot you would see her imperfections from years of me playing with her. (Hence a fuzzy shot Smile) A clear memory of my Granny coming to stay is me playing with her with Granny and Mum apologising to Granny that she wasn’t pristine anymore. My Granny said “Well, I’m so happy she is playing with her. I didn’t make her to keep in a box”.

Her beautiful ruffle is hanging off. Granny had to make her a second wig (the first was paler and softer) and she repaired her necklace umpteen times for me. She definitely could do with a Granny makeover now as both boys (for gawd’s sake don’t repeat this to their friends) adored her too. 

I look forward to finding things for her to do or places for her to be this week. Inspired idea Suzie Smile

And why did my boys (who are very boyish) enjoy playing with her so much? Well she has a secret and i’ll show you this week Smile

So for day one she is holding the card she helped me make tonight. My Mum is going to her friend’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow and asked me to make her a card which I forgot all week. I am better on a deadline Smile



I do Red heart Cinders.


  1. Great choice Jennie, nostalgia kicking in always wins it for me.. would have chosedpn old Freddie Teddy but he's a bit big for my bag...?!
    Have added Moomin's take on the evening since you commented.. and sent you g+ note xx

    1. Crikey I have tried to sort out the g+ circles but I am in a twiz with it. I'll play a bit more tomorrow night!! xxx Thank you Kath for updating the Moomin, she looks more at home now she is doing real stuff ;)

  2. I love Cinders too- she really is special. What a lovely grandma!

    I have to make a wedding card this week- my cousin gets married next Friday. It will be my first ever masterpiece!

    1. Good luck, it will be brilliant if you are close to her she will treasure it. xx

  3. You know that is weird. I really didn't think I had any 'toys' in the house, but I too have a rag doll, made by my mum not my gran, she is stuffed in a bag in the bottom of my wardrobe. Might did her out and include her in this same but different thing.

  4. lovely doll and so pleased she helped you make the lovely card too. Cant wait to see what adventures she gets up to this week.

  5. What a lovely doll, She has inspired me to get on with Jaynes rag doll stuck in my drawer.