Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Didn’t she just?

Last night.


Never mind her great big jewel, her dress was so sparkly. Great concert, must download ‘Sing’, love Gary Barlow even more now. Lovely service this morning too.

I also used sparkly letters for my week of project life.


Nice smudgy stamping there Winking smile I have only been using that date stamp for 22 weeks now.


  1. lovely sparkley photos, i like the smudgey stamp look, more handmade feel :)

  2. I like the look of the stamp too.
    Your photo of the queem holding the diamong is stunning ! xx

  3. I love the photo- really sparkly and a perfect fit for the prompt. I saw a couple of your Project Life layouts- they are stunning.

  4. Jenney.. lovely.. captured the moment Suzie was looking for perfectly.. yes, it was a lovely celelbration all round.. wish we had been able to have our party this weekend, it would have made it for us! Must delve deeper into Project Life, it may be my new scrap fix..well something needs to be! K xxx

  5. Congratulations! There is only one Queen!
    I love the photo - really sparkly and a perfect fit for the prompt.
    /Thank you very much for your comment on my blog./