Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I don’t believe I have any antiques. I have had this for a while now though. My Granny stitched it for me when I was a little girl. A Tree of Life. I have always loved it and has always hung in my bedroom. It is a childish pattern but I still love it. I also didn’t appear to be able to get things in focus yesterday, neither on the phone or in my eyes so went to bed early without opening the laptop-rare!
My favourite owl, reminds me of Granny as she was a wise old owl.


  1. Oh, Jennie, this is a wonderful picture - a memory of your grandmother. Think you, how much work and time she has dedicated to sew it.
    I am looking this beauty and it brings me peace and joy. I find this to be an antique - it's expensive and valuable thing!

  2. I would cherish it too, Jen. It's a beautiful tree of life and how many hours were spent on it. Lovely ! I wish I had the patience and talent of doing such beautiful things ! xxx

  3. Ahhh, nice memories and a family heirloom already..x

  4. What a beautiful picture and a wonderful gift from your grandma.