Thursday, 21 June 2012

SBD….Day 7 Cinders says Goodbye!

Well what a great challenge. I am so happy to have re-aquainted myself with Cinders and met all the lovely creatures along the way, I think the normal prompts will feel quite easy after this!


Cinders says goodbye Smile I do so love her.

In other news, Mum is a bit better but had to go to bed by lunchtime. Ali was ok for brief periods but had a wierd ‘sneezing over everything’ going on. Louis fell poorly through the night and Lauren is fighting it. She went to school though, hoping she would feel better this evening (which she did).

I had a productive day sorting and organising my room and stash whilst I mopped brows, fetched cool compresses and easy snacks! I now have this organised space in my room. I so wish I had taken a ‘before’ pic!



I have a sense of calm for having it all ‘sorted’. I am sure it will wear off Smile


  1. well done on managing to tidy with all the illness, pleased your mum is feeling better and hope the other recover soon enough. take care yourself! :)

  2. It's lovely to have a newly organised space! Hope everyone is feeling much better soon.

  3. Hope everyone in your family are feeling better soon xxxx

  4. I so 'get' the satisfaction of sorting it out.. almost too nice to mess it up again by scrapping!! Hahah .. hope you manage to avoid falling foul of this nasty thing.. and how the teens recover for the weekend!! xx