Saturday, 16 June 2012

SBD……Cinders tells her secret.

First off that has freaked me out not just using the prompt as a post title. First time in the challenge.

“I own the control freak in me. The control freak in me doesn’t own me.” Happy I got that out of the way!

Cinders 1

Cinders 2

Did you enjoy the ball?

Cinders 3

Cinders 4

Maybe I should tell Lauren this tale next time she misses her curfew Smile Her hair will turn brown again might just do it.

If anything sucks more than having to go to work, it’s having to go twice in one day. I had a naughty night team colleague that needed a little personnel management Winking smile As Mum is poorly I thought I would go back tonight after the kids were asleep rather than go in really early this morning. I thought Cinders would enjoy a trip out and you know what, I think she did!

Erm, I think I need to reign myself in before I become one of those ladies. I don’t have an issue with them but I don’t want to be one, although it would shake the kids off pretty darned quick if I turned up to their parties with Cinders. It may be something I adopt in the future. Night y’all xx


  1. Lovely photos, lovely story. I hope your mum gets better soon and Cinders turns out OK too, I love her blond hair !!!

  2. lol, great story. Hope all turned out ok at work and the cinders gets back to her usual self.

  3. I was out last eve and we tried to explain the prompt / challenge to our friends.. collectively they agreed I am mad! Col is also convinced I have lost it entirely as yesterday tea time I lost Moomin and accused him of hiding him ..I could feel a story coming on for the blogin the back of my mind!!.. turns out he was in my pocket all the time, just changed trousers and he was in a heap in bedroom on floor!! Sad sad but funny!

  4. Loving the adventures of Cinders - looking forward to seeing more of her x

  5. Had to hjave a reread, she is so cute and looks very smug about being out so late.. there is definitely a teen in her! I have to put the seat belt around milk to stop my seatbelt sensor bleeping all the way home!

  6. Jennie.. Cinders didn't report last night.. guess the ugly sisters had her on chores? xx