Sunday, 24 June 2012


A pleasure to have this prompt on a beautiful June day that does not include work Smile

A lie-in for an hour, then working on project life for a few hours, then ironing,  although watching Simon Schama’s Shakespeare at the same time was brilliant. I love that man.

Oh and before I forget, Jo’s Kermit was in The Muppets that Ali and I watched this morning during project life scrapping. Oh I had forgotten how much I love them all, not just Kermit.


Kermit for Jo Smile Fozzie, I loved him, such a gentle goof…and Animal, I found him a little bit anarchic and scary (gawd I was so square) but when he hit those drums I was so happy. M’ner ne ner ner, Mnem enem, Mnem, mnemenem. Something like that anyway Open-mouthed smile

Ali and I went to the posh park this afternoon. We have a park next to us which has a swing set and a roundabout so not very inspiring for a long visit. So we went to the posh park. It is beautiful. Bicclescombe it is called, I must find out why. Combe means valley and it is at the bottom of a valley, but no idea where the Biccles came from. It has tennis courts, a playground, a small lake and lovely stream with great landscaping.

Ali bicclescombe

Ali bicclescombe #2

Ali bicclescombe #3

Came home, made dinner (tricky spaghetti bolognese!), had a 20 minute power nap and then scrapped the weekly challenge for UKS for points.


A photo of me when I was about 18 months with my cousins.

Then watched the footie until kick-off, can’t bear watching it live anymore and now Louis and I are watching a movie until bed.

Pleasure indeed. Oh and only 8 weeks until I go part-time (with a 10 day holiday in there too).


  1. Lovely park and lovely day, I envy you your love of Shakespeare, I can tell you just love it..never did Lit and don't know enough to be a fan! There.. something we don't have in common!
    Is the 'no live footie' thing relating to your dad? I used to love watching the FA cup with my step-dad, it was such a coll Saturday in the year and the MotD theme takes me back to Saturday nights in during my teens.. now I don't ever see a goal as we are all motorsport guys here xx
    Oh and as for the Muppets I loved 'Halfway up the Stair' and Fonzies 'the comedian's a bear sketch!!! Xx

  2. what a great day you had and no work makes it even better. Well done on the WC, i so need to get my mojo back.

  3. Lovely day Jen. I must say your posh park looks gorgeous. Glad everybody was happy today. Small things , big pleasure !!! xxx

  4. Lovely photos- the park does look great. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Awesome day! / I could read everything. /
    Great photos. A real pleasure!
    I wish you excellent new week!

  6. Well done doing the WC so quick, have forgotten each Monday to look at the WC and I should motivate my group as team leader but don't at the moment as several of them have busy lives and issues so not a lot of chatting except for 4 of us!!!

    How lovely to look forward to part time work and a holiday in between, lots of simple pleasures :)