Sunday, 3 June 2012


Our town (Ilfracombe) joined in with the jubilee today Smile

We have a huge hill/cliff right on our seafront which has a huge swathe of grass that is kept nice and short for people to sit on. For the celebration they cut E11R 2012 into the turf and rang the bells for the community to walk down and park themselves on it and then peeps with better cameras than mine would take photos of us spelling it out.


Well, that was the plan, unfortunately the bells didn’t ring, we thought they were taking the photo at 1pm and they took it just before we got there! I suspect with it being so slippy that as soon as it was full they took the shot as they were all walking down from the letters before we got there!


You can just see the little ants all up there ( and the, um, gates of the bandstand).

I am glad they did it, I was so sorry we missed it as I was in the tip of S when we spelt out Sport Aid when that happened in 1986. My kids love it as now Lauren and Louis are at the college they come across random photos of me and the Sport Aid one is in the library (should it not be in the Sports area!).

Happy Birthday Anne, sorry it is so late to get round to this, it has been a mad afternoon and evening at work Open-mouthed smile


  1. Jen, so sorry you missed the photo. Pity they weren't better organized! May be next time ! In Eastleigh we couldn't miss anything because nothing at all happened, lol ! Thank you for your birthday wishes, xxx

  2. great idea, shame you missed it for the photo.

  3. Lovely newsy day though.. and great to see your local pictures too.. x