Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Our seats are beyond weathered now. They are very comfy but not so attractive now. For the last 3 years we have said we need to replace them Smile


Wow busy few days, so glad to be on a day off tomorrow Smile

This morning I was gone by 6am so I could leave early to collect Ali from his new school as he has been on transition day today. They did a display for us, which was a bit odd, his class sang a strange song about penguins lol. Anyway they were enjoying it which was the main thing.

We were so hot and he was so disappointed to miss swimming on Sunday as I felt his chest wasn’t quite back to normal. When I say disappointed I mean tantrum, shouting at me and being a very cross little boy Open-mouthed smile He calmed down and apologised pretty quickly so it was ok and we agreed we would try and go today. It was bliss as the pool was empty as all sensible people had gone in the free sea over the road. But we really felt like a swim in the pool. Maybe the beach tomorrow. As soon as we got home it was dinner and then I just had to have a little snooze Winking smile


  1. what a busy day, enjoy your day off tomorrow. If the seats are comfy I wouldnt worry about the weathered look, you and Ali could always paint them though :)

  2. I think the seats look lovely!

    Hope Ali enjoys his swim.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your swim. I love the weathered look of the seats.

  4. You really have busy days, Jen ! Glad you have a day off tomorrow ! xxx

  5. Reading you from a nice hotel with somewhat weathered room in Hythe .. no pic to offer yet but will catch up tomorrow x

  6. I think we all have those weathered seats in our garden and they do look better than the posh new furniture too, more character I think!!

    Gosh was it warm enough for the beach? we had horrible cold sea mists around nr the beach :(

  7. Bravo! I agree with Helen that everything in the garden
    is tempered / weathered/ over time.