Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Earth Tones.

As The Grinch would say (and I have been channeling The Grinch today at work Ninja) I puzzled and puzzled until my puzzler was sore today!

I thought I would take a photo of this, then that, then discarded one idea after another until I have run out of time!

So in heroic fashion for the sake of the challenge, I scrambled up onto the toilet and hung out the window to take this shot of the garden and then added an earth tone layer in photoshop.


So that’s made for a drab photo Open-mouthed smile To be fair it wasn’t much better before what with us finally getting the rain in a thunderstorm that most of you have been enduring for the past few days!

Oh and KathiJo, I have finally worked out how to take a snapshot on my laptop, so here is where I live and how far we are from the sea Smile

Ilfracombe EX34 8DR   Google Maps

The red pin is me and randomly I don’t know why it is showing but the purple pin is the theatre! Although the purple pin is quite useful as that is where we get to sea first generally.


  1. Beautiful flowers you have in your garden, Jen. The rain left us (at least for today). I was wondering where it went, now I know, lol. Heard tonight it will be terrible thursday and friday for everybody. Lucky us ! xx

  2. Congratulations for the great pictures! Wonderful - a magical garden!
    Thank you for your attention and nice comment in my blog.
    Yes, we had the same thoughts. You did what I wanted, but I could not! Unbelievable! How did - "to take a snapshot on my laptop"?
    I pushed my head and be worried too much that the COPY and PASTE - not working! I was very exhausted, last night to watch another pictures and write ..
    Once again I salute you!
    Good luck!

  3. lovely picture of your garden and i like the layer you have given it- makes it look oldie

  4. The layer on it does look lovely. Your garden photos make it look like you'd really enjoy sitting with a coffee there!!!!

    I am really envious of you and KathiJo living so close to the sea!!!!

  5. Ahh Jen..thank you! I don't think I've ever been to Ilfracombe, looks something like St Ives from the map.. ahhh, to be that close.. 5 miles is about 4 miles too far for me!
    And bring on the dark chocolate you mentioned.. xxx