Monday, 20 February 2012


Our DIY endeavours this evening are probably on the fragile side.
My Dad will have been looking down on us and rolling his eyes at the same time :)
But he's not here.
The shower has been leaking for a while, not much, he did reseal it before he was too poorly but it is still not holding and the leak has been getting worse and starting to cause damage.
This time (Mum did it on her own last month) We decided that Mum should be in the shower so the base has a realistic weight in it.
So Mum was in it, me with the gun and then us darting out of the way whilst Louis went in and smoothed it down.

Well that's quite enough of my rock n roll lifestyle.


  1. Ahh Jennie, I often wish our lives were more exciting too, then I go to a city and wonder where that crazy idea came from.. those boys will grow up with Fab role models in women xx

  2. Hey, I feel your pain. We spent all day sunday unblocking the pipes under the sink - so romantic!

  3. Hope the repair works for you!