Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I Keep Meaning To...

...Resurrect the blog from last year for my Lucky Snapping and here it is dragged out from the shadows, and given a good dusting.

I have missed Lucky Snapping blogging because of the company of course. So trying to join in quickly this week.

So a few snaps so far from this weekend and Monday. I purposely took some on my iPhone which I rarely do these days. 

 How very, very lovely.
 We chanced planting some runner beans late on and they are doing very well so far.
 This lily is new to me this year, I wasn't hopeful but it has been lovely.
 If you follow my other blog then you will have seen my Summer Bucket List which is all the things we want to do this summer. One of the things was geocaching. I will explain more about it on the other blog when I get round to it but here is the scrapping I did this weekend. The first 12x12 is showing Mum and Ali under the rare wych elms that the cache was hidden in.
 This was a close up of the cache in situ and a bit more journaling
 Then the left hand side of the divided page. More journaling and photos of Ali.
The other side of the divided protector. Mum had a great idea to dry the leaves and flower from the tree and so included it here. That gives you an idea of how long ago we actually went! 

Thanks Kathi for inspiring me to get blogging =)


  1. Beautiful photos Jen, we all have the same problem with blogging !!! Did you know regarding geocaching that there is one cache right where we live ? I only know because one of our neighbors goes around with his kids ( I even helped him translating clues when he was going to France) and he told me about the one in the park in front of our house ! Good to hear from you xxx

  2. Well done on geocaching and joining in daily this week, I think daily quickies are easier than the challenges we set this year :)

  3. I have only just learned how to take a snapshot on my phone :) Lovely pictures and well done on your scrapping, I haven't done any for ages and my project 24 needs attention :(

  4. Great layouts and photos. So much to do and so little time - this is what our lives have become. hey ho. xx

  5. Lovely photos and great layouts. I will have to look 'geocaching' up to see exactly what it is.

  6. Lovely photos. our late runner beans are doing really well also.
    It is really fun this week posting every day