Monday, 31 December 2012


Well I didn't think i'd make it back in September...sheer bl***y mindedness got me through and I am so thrilled that I have.

Suzie, you are a star for bringing us together and Anne, you are a star for keeping us together.

I am with Helen and Jo, I don't really like to reflect, however I do think it is good for you to think things through and learn from them and that is something that I have learned this year about myself. Doing this project, having access to great technology, doing Project Life (which I just have the last week to complete) have all added something to my life and how I live it. I have always been quite self-aware but now I purpose to notice as much as I can about the world and people around me and how we all fit together.

I also learned I could be brave, never before this year would I have managed the meet-up that Anne and I had, although I was terribly nervous it was one of the highlights of the year and I felt so happy for doing it. I am certainly going to be brave next year and try and get down to Kathi as well as she is near-ish.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and say a huge thank you for the comments that have made each and every day special.

So a photo today? Well I saw a brief glimpse of pink and light sky just at twilight which cheered me up from this infernal rain.

And light reflecting in my eye as Louis and I goofed around with the camera.

Lucky Snapping then. 


  1. Happy new year Jen and we are so happy to have met you too. May all your dreams come true. See you in Lucky Snapping ! xxx

  2. Happy New Year Jen to you and your family. Thank you for setting up Lucky Snapping 2013. Hopefullyt a few of us can meet up next year, You met Anne and I met Viv in 2012!!
    Feeling a bit emotionally reading the blogs tonight do will say 'see' you next week xxxx

  3. Hope you had a lovely eveneing and if you don't get to me I am coming to you! Loved getting to know you.. and thanks for sharing so much of your lovely family with us.. xxxx

  4. Great to have 'met' you online Jen. Happy new year, hope 2013 brings you happiness.

  5. Happy New Year Jen, thanks for your photos and your friendship through your blog.