Monday, 10 December 2012


Firstly, in case you missed it at Suzie's, here is the link to the new blog. If you have anyone else that might enjoy it please let them know, other than that I don't think we will advertise it anywhere else.

My Tree. It is totally bare now. I do love the shape of him. Most years I can see the squirrels in there scurrying about but nothing so far.



  1. I can recognize it from last time, still very pretty. Your post reminded me that a tree is not naked as I wrote in my blog, but bare, lol. I think my challenge hosting is going to be fun next year ! xxx

  2. I quite like the thought of a naked tree :) Would be great to capture a squirrel on the tree.

  3. Good work on the new blog Jen, shout me when you need something from me.. Xx

  4. Thank you Jenni on the new blog, you are a star xx

  5. Amazing photo! Yes, the trees are beautiful and now when they have no leaves!
    I agree with Lynne - I cann't say it better -
    Thank you Jenni on the new blog!
    You are a star!