Saturday, 22 December 2012


I don't know if you saw Braunton on the news today as the latest place that got hit with flooding? It was me trying to get into the store as that is where I work. I am too, too tired to recount it all here, I may do on the other blog when I get time. Suffice to say it has been the hardest day ever and I am physically and mentally exhausted with dealing with my own journey and the fact that so many of my work community have been devastated in their houses. The difficulties that my staff have had to come into work and have still come in. I spent the day trying to get in...looking after people, including feeding them (for free of course), looking after the firefighters that set up command in our car park and helping people to get home.

I had a very tiring, stressful journey, myself. A half hour walk in and then out of the village. An hour journey through flooded hills to get 8 miles. I am now exhausted and aching and feel like the Grinch.


It is not funny though is it? Those poor people facing Christmas or anything with that damage. Fortunately it was a lot of shop space rather than personal space but economically and creatively that is heartbreaking. 

Human Spirit? My colleague Dan that waded in (his flat is above one of those shops).
My colleague (another) Dan that spent two hours to get in.
and it goes on and on. Love my job to work with such lovely people and in such a great community.


  1. Awhhh Jen, I was right to think of you! But thee I was expecting you to say nah, Tesco is on a hill and it was only one street! Heartwarming how us Brits just pull out that extra bit when a crisis looms, they say it's what the Empire was built on!
    Rest now and sleep xxx

  2. Yes, Jen, I did think about you as the name rang a bell. It's so awful, isn't it. I hope you can have a good rest now. At least it's where you work and not where you live. xxx

  3. Thinking about you and your colleagues and hope there is no more flooding. Water is so terribly destructive, I know the clean up will be long and tiring too. Hugs.

  4. oh no, thats good though to hear people coming together when things go wrong. Take care x

  5. Stay safe - I wonder how our holiday cottage from the Summer is - we could hear the Caen as it was only just around the corner. Stay safe ♥