Tuesday, 25 December 2012


We had our christmas dinner this evening to change things up. A couple of reasons why, Rich loved christmas more than the rest of us put together so we wanted to do things a little differently so we could get through it. We did pretty well too, we did have a howl over the table decorations of all things. Anyway it was sad to see so much space at the table where Dad and Rich should have been. The other reason is that Lauren my niece that lives with me can never be sure of when her Mum may serve up dinner (she is a little unpredictable) and she has been caught with two dinners quite quickly before bless her. Anyway, to be perverse, Lauren decided yesterday that she doesn't want to eat with her at all if she can get away with it.

Anyway it is done now, Mum and I weren't stressed out and we managed not to pick all day so we really enjoyed it. It was lovely and mouthwatering.

Today we have agreed with Ali to do presents at 9am so I am waiting for that, he is up now and looking forward to it, but he is not beside himself. Lauren and Louis will have to drag themselves up at that time... It is not the same at all. I can quite see why grandchildren are so desirable :)

Then it is Buck Fizz and a walk and then making lego all day with nibbles.

The Yule Log wasn't a huge hit, it was so sweet. Louis helped me decorate it though and it might be better chilled slightly more. 

Yes that is Tomato Ketchup on the table, give me strength. 

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families xxx


  1. What a beautiful table, that's well done ! Don't worry, there was ketchup on our table too, LOL Merry Xmas to you all from us all. xxx

  2. Ahh Jen I just found this .. I sometimes think that it would be fun to eat the meal the day before and everyone can graze and play .. I am conscious you would have spaces at your table AMD send hugs for you all .. good to ring the routine changes! Xxxx

  3. (((Hugs))) for the missing people at your table and well done making your table still look so special.I too in the past changed things and enjoyed the Christmas days where we grazed all day, very relaxing too! We toohad ketchup on our table LOL!!