Thursday, 6 December 2012


Christmas dinners went well at work, the management team always support but this year they were extra specially helpful and it all went smoothly, as usual by the third sitting it was like a well-oiled machine :D

This was us dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland. Martin, the store manager and I were The King & Queen of Hearts. Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum were hilarious, considering they had to be persuaded they didn't do too bad. They did go and have a couple of pints of cider yesterday before they went shopping :) Then there was the dormouse and the White Rabbit, Alice and Chloe did brilliantly as The Cheshire Cat.

Apologies for the poor photos, the 'big' camera wouldn't even turn on :(

Bed for me, I cricked my neck on monday and I have had a long week with it in pain so I am indulging in an early night.


  1. great photos- you all look great. Enjoy your early night and hope you feel better soon. x

  2. You all just look brilliant.
    You hurt your neck too? Poor you ! I think it must be the cold that makes us contract our muscles too much. Hope you feel better soon ! xxxx

  3. I think Anne is right, cold weather and stress make necks go stiff and cricky!
    Amazing cat and all of you in fact!