Thursday, 27 December 2012


Leftovers with Parsnip Roulade :D

Lots of playing with lego and watching crafting videos...bliss :D

Can there only be 5 days left to take photos? That means as my challenge goes live next week I better get a wriggle on with it :)


  1. It doesnt seem like 5 mins ago that we were starting this challenge...looking forward to 2013.
    Enjoy your relaxing day :)

  2. Your leftovers deserve another name. They look fantastic. Yes, we start a new challenge in a couple of days. WOW ! Have a great day with your family ! xxx

  3. Looks delicious, I'm making turkey stock for soup right now. Only cooked my bird yesterday as we were at my Mums on Christmas Day so many leftovers to enjoy!

  4. That's a new one on me. ..parsnip roulade..hope you have a few more lazy days before work kicks in too bad x