Sunday, 9 December 2012


Staff christmas party last night. Ugh. I come to you today from my bed. Ugh. Hangover. Ugh. Silly, silly me.

Yummy meal finished with Death By Chocolate.

I think it might have been at this point that things went seriously wrong. Some of my colleagues felt that I needed to experience a Jaeger Bomb. They felt that my lack of knowledge about this needed rectifying. In case you don't have helpful colleagues like me, it is a shot of Jaegermeister in a shot glass, in a tumbler of Red Bull. Well quite. Even taking the photo of it before I had it was out of focus.

The beautiful tree outside the venue.

Right, i'm going back to sleep for a bit.


  1. LOL Jen. I had a kind of experience like yours many years ago, when I lived in Korea, it was extremely cold and some people recommend I try a flaming B52. If you don't know what it is, only try at home in your bed, because that's where you will end up you anyway. xxx

  2. LOL Jenni glad you are 'normal' and not a goody two shoes :D

    Don't ask me how many New Year's days I have missed since being in my thirties and married and single but still a MUM!! peter will always the Christmas day where we went to neighbours one Morning for drinks and Christmas dinner was served around 7pm, the boys were late teens I think!!!

    Bed and some food soon is the best thing for you!!

  3. Hope you feel better soon Jen :) The death by chocolate looks yummy.

  4. mmmm I love the B52's that Anne mentioned.. Kahlua, Baileys and Countreau, though I didn't try the flaming one.. afraid of losing my eye lashes.. Yes, it has to be done.. sometimes!
    Rest up and hope Mum has made the tea! xx

  5. The death by chocolate looks yummy - Helen has a right!
    I refused to eat cake at our party.
    Hope you feel better soon!