Wednesday, 5 December 2012


A couple of Christmas cards Ali is plowing through. If you can't wear your crown to write your christmas cards out, well, when can you?

The cardboard is for me, I am making fancy dress for myself and the boss to wear when we serve Christmas Dinner to the staff over the next couple of days. The management team are going as characters from Alice In Wonderland and as the bosses we are the King & Queen of Hearts :D


  1. Ali looks gorgeous. You must take plenty of pictures with you as Queen of Hearts ! Yes, Wedding Anniversary is coming up : Dec, 17th ! xxx

  2. Hi Jennie!
    Beautiful photo of Ali! He really looks royal!
    I agree with Anne! And besides, I'm terribly curious, because I know you're very creative! Show us!
    Good day and good luck!

  3. You are just so creative hun xx And what lovely memories you will have when Ali is big and grown up.. x

  4. Well done Ali, Daniel and Evie will have to do theirs this weekend. Love the crown :)

  5. Like your take on couple today xxx love the crown, just like the "king was in his counting house....."!!
    Waiting to see the King and Queen of Heartsnow xxx