Friday, 7 December 2012


Ahh, tonight was the christmas evening at the town library, my Mum and Ali go frequently and one of my oldest friends Anna is the Chief Librarian (I am ashamed that we don't see each other much but it is nice when we do), her Mum used to be a librarian there and she is good friends with my Mum. She took me abroad on holiday when we were teenagers and I am ever grateful for that as my parents couldn't afford to do that then.

Anyway, I digress. Anna had arranged an amazing get together for the community, the music club from school sang, which is why I went primarily as Ali goes to music club, but there were craft stalls, lovely, lovely stuff on those stalls. Wine and mince pies added nicely to the ambience.

I have a lovely video of them singing but don't seem to be able to edit it tonight.
Here he is instead having his face painted.

Goodnight xx


  1. Lovely photo of Ali. Nighty night ! xxx

  2. looks like a great night at the library.

  3. Ooh you do lovely Christmassy stuff x

  4. Nitghty nite too xxxx

    It looked like a lovely evening and itis so comfortable with old friends too x