Saturday, 22 December 2012


Well I am sure you know that we love to have fun at work at Christmas; at work, it is such hard work at Christmas to make sure we have enough of everything without having too much and lots of food going to waste. 
Dan who is the most cool guy I know totally embodies fun at work, he is friendly, hilarious, kind, fair and fun. He is totally cool but at work he will join in with all the silliness, evidenced here with his Christmas Jumper (that he fought with someone in a Primark queue for) and a silly hat. He did the Usain Bolt pose with his Gold certificate he got through the post today. Dan you are a goof in the best possible way and the best Compliance Manager to make my life easier that I have ever had :D


  1. Always good to have people who you know are on the right side! And doesn't he look great in red!,:-):-)

  2. Fab photo, it's great when you have good work colleagues.