Monday, 14 October 2013


I love Kathi's idea this week. 
I remember hoping that my hot choc treat would be made with all milk and not the dreaded half and half milk and water.
I also remember that I enjoyed it on a Tuesday evening after 5-a-side watching Cagney & Lacey at 9pm :-)
Tonight we had it and the hot choc was made with milk and topped with marshmallows, squirty cream and crumbled chocolate! It's a twice a season treat I hasten to add. 
Instead of watching tv? They photographed it and posted it to Instagram :-)


  1. Jennie, I like your nostalgia!
    I like your solution - it looks delicious and very enjoyable!
    Such a relaxed and pleasant mood!

  2. I also love thick hot chocolate, it means Sunday afternoon ! xxx

  3. Yum, I know cream is high in calories but you can't have hot chocolate without it.

  4. Love hot chocolate, has to be all milk, I'll skip the cream and have extra marshmellows and chocolate!!! :) xx

  5. Nice nostalgia tonight and instagram...heard of it but not used it!!!!!

  6. The hot chocolate looks yummy. I do use Instagram. Great post Jen.