Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Silver Linings - Wednesday Warming Stew

Silver Linings: Irresistible

Well 'W' Wednesday is "W'arming beef stew day. It was yummy and I do love stew season :-)

I also was impressed withn aux oeufs and co-incidentally I was going to make a baked egg custard for my eldest son and so I used her recipe instead, so thanks Anne it was great.

Baked Egg Custard with caramel


It has been a fantastic first day of my holidays, I have had a shocking cold the past few days as well and today was the first day I have felt better and I can already feel the pressure of the past few months lifting. 
Thanks again for bearing with me. I knew I would be busy, I knew it would be stressful but I didn't realise how time-consuming it would be as when I have opened the superstores before there are more people to bear the load. Anyway, it is done now. I didn't leave until I was sure it was under control. Praise be, it will be so when I return, you are only as good as your day off and all that. 

It was a lovely feeling to look after my family today and catch up with blogland and cook and clean and watch tv and read. Just lovely normal things :-)
I have planned my meals for tomorrow so hopefully I will be back then.


  1. Your flan looks beautiful, Jen ! Great and well done for your 1st day of holidays !!! xxx

  2. I love the look of your aux oefs. I hope to try it as well.
    A clever take on W. well done

  3. Nice job with the egg flan. Hope you have a lovely break.

  4. Congratulations—Ä Jennie!
    And :
    Welcome! Home sweet home! + Wish you many sales and more profit to the store! = Enjoy everything!

  5. Jennie Happy hols, you desrve them, just enjoy chill and relax xxxxx
    Well done cooking Anne's recipe x

  6. Enjoy your holidays well deserved by sound of it (I missed what you have been doing, either way sounds stressful) so time to chill.xx

  7. Your flan looks great. Wish I was there to taste it! LOL Enjoy your holiday.