Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Well of course there is no clutter in my house. No clutter in this tiny 3 bed terrace that has 1 Nan, 1 Mum, 1 Teenage Girl, 1 Pre-teen boy, 1 7 year old boy, 1 mental terrier and 1 lazy terrier. Every bit of the house is tidy, clean, organised, except for this tiny bit in my room that has built up on top of my really useful boxes. Maybe it would have just been easier to show you the facade of the house lest I become the protagonist in some wierd channel 4 programme of hoarders!


  1. Ha ha Jen, just love you comment. Yes why should there be any clutter in your house !!!
    One of my aunties from France reads Suzie's blog too and after looking at all our clutter photos, she said it's amazing what people accept to show from their houses !
    As of your question on my blog, if you think I can be of help to you with anything, then big yes, I'll be honored to do so. You are always so kind to me ! Just let me know when and what, lol. xxx

  2. Jen.. and the clutter of impending hormones with thos kids.. hang on and enjoy the ride! xxx