Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I posted on Saturday the game that Ali (Thing Two) is obsessing over, Moshi Monsters.
Things have taken a turn for the more obsessive today....he is sporting a new pair of Moshi Monster pyjamas and when I went to the bathroom earlier I found this on the window-sill.
The Moshi Monster card with his ticks for the ones he has collected propped up against the window with the band on the (baby-wipe) stage and the Moshi audience (should that be the mosh-pit :) ) enjoying the gig. See the band, that is drum, I bet you can guess which one that is! The other green sparkly one next to drum is dustbin beaver....yeah that's right a Moshi tribute to Justin Bieber. Oh and he is really rare. Ali nearly had a fit when he found him in his pack!

I wonder how noisy this gig is, I couldn't hear it, but then i'm not 7.

I think we might need to get him out more. Maybe me too.


  1. That's such a sweet story, Jen.
    Well next time you come to Portsmouth, you need to wave so we can meet up !!!

  2. What a lovely story and photo. I haven't heard of these!

  3. That is a great story. My god daughter is obsessed with them too. Think it is brilliant you have caught this and recorded it.