Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A single day in our lives can be so powerful in little and big ways. 

Today I was struck by the power the internet has had to inspire 'the youth'.

My niece who lives with me is 14 and pretty obsessed with hair and make-up as she should be, but she also takes an interest in the world around her, has a pretty good grasp of the way the world works and doesn't. She was inspired by the Kony 'campaign', took the time to tell us about it and link us up to it. She was thrilled today when we were out to see one of the posters and grabbed my phone to take this snap.
Google it, if you haven't already, it's interesting and controversial, but it has inspired 'the youth' which cannot be a bad thing.
She is already making changes at a small level by standing for and being unanimously voted onto school council and has already made changes for the better for her peers (ok, it's only new benches and menu changes) but she is learning that you can influence the world around you for the better and you should use your voice.

My youngest Ali moved me in a no less powerful way through an image. He knows I am sad about my brother and he had been a bit silly earlier and we fell out. He isn't brilliant at saying sorry with words but by gum he got me right the way through when he presented me with this picture he drew for me to express it brilliantly.

Powerful stuff indeed. Great prompt to get me to notice it Suzie :)

Oh and on a lighter note, I would agree with his artistic interpretation of my tummy, but I don't agree with his interpretation of my right leg :)


  1. I must google it- as I haven't heard of it so far.

    Love your boys picture- they really do know how to pull the heartstrings.

    Sending you huge hugs for tomorrow.

  2. .. tummy, I thought it was your 'shelf..:-) :-) :-) :-)

    Yes it was a great word after the initial frown it caused here too.. and nice to know Laura is finding herself, not least of all great role models in your house.. ( I guess it's your brother's day tomorrow maybe... hope the sun shines for you and him, be proud x)

  3. Plenty of hugs for tomorrow Jen. xxx

  4. Hugs for today Jen. you've certainly got some lovely children.