Friday, 12 October 2012


Darned it. I just posted this to the other blog again!

I haven't any architecture photos again, just ones of my desk all clean and tidy.

Look! As it was a special clean I even moved stuff to clean behind, noticeboard has been cleared, photos ordered, supplies checked (none of my favourite glues left to last the weekend, will have to go tomorrow).

I will try and keep up as I would like to see the year through, but I am struggling I admit.


  1. Well done on a good clear out.

  2. its always a nice feeling to see a clean tidy desk isnt it :)

  3. It does look beautifully tidy. I've really struggled since we got back from holiday for some reason. I do take photos every day- but not always the right ones- or any blogging.

  4. I never have a tidy desk, I like stuff!

  5. Good Job, Jen, you wouldn't dream to see my desk and I haven't even crafted in ages ! xxx

  6. I remember this picture - I was very impressed!
    I forgot to write or who knows ...
    Good Job, Jen!