Saturday, 20 October 2012

Black & White Portrait.

Right, catch up time, starting with today.

My little munchkin, we have been hanging out today having some rest, crafting together and now watching Star Wars.

I am off to South Devon next week for an unexpected work project and I will be leaving my little munchkins behind :( I am hoping to get home for 12 hours on thursday but that is it. For taking photos that will mean that I should be better than usual as I will have new surroundings and more time to myself, we'll see!


  1. I won my bet, I won my bet ... I was sure you would use Ali for today's portrait ! YEAH ! If only I could win the lottery so easily ! He looks gorgeous by the way !
    For somebody who was supposed to work part-time, they are currently really harsh on you ! xxxx

  2. good luck with the work project and good to see you back. Ali is looking gorgeous and sounds like a lovely day you are both having :)

  3. Congratulations on your magnificent portrait & wonderful project!
    HUGS &

  4. Great portrait of Ali xxx Hope next week goes well and you don't miss the family or they you!!