Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Although I am back to part-time it was one of my long days today so I didn't get the prompt. I can report that it was a dull grey sky!
Something that will be in the sky is the new statue that is being erected in Ilfracombe which has caused much division in the town. She is called Verity and is a gift from Damien Hirst to the town for 20 years.
Hirst is already quite active in the town, he has a bistro on the harbour, he is developing a couple of large run-down victorian buildings, one of which is apparently going to be a top-notch hotel and he is also getting involved with plans for new housing. I will reserve judgement until I see it up an settled in.

An impression of how it will look.

Anyway, from one oddness to another....

The pumpkin came home today...I wasn't sure how Ali would be about Halloween this year, but he seems to have taken it to it as usual.

And this carry on from a boy that usually hates to have his photo taken actively asking for a 
photo-shoot. He decided to kiss it, not me :) 
It now has a face drawn on and a scarf wrapped on and has been named Randy!


  1. Heard about the statue when we were down in the Summer - not sure about it myself. Is it cut away one one side so you can see the unborn child??

  2. Not heard about the statue so found it very interesting Jenni. Love seeing photos of Ali he has such a cute yet mischievous face :)

  3. I don't think the statue is for me. Small might be OK but that size ... eek !
    Halloween is so much fun but for us it's the start of a very stressing time due to all the fireworks and Rhea being terrified. Then short after that comes Nov 5th and fireworks on the week-end before and week-end after! That's the big inconvenient living close to a park. Everybody comes here to celebrate. We only start breathing mid November ! xxx
    PS: Do you want me to start texting you the word again ?

  4. Great post! Great photos! Congratulations and thank you Jenni, for this pleasant emotion this morning! Ali is a great boy!
    Hello Randy - You're the best of the season!

  5. Awwh I like the statue, I didn't know what you meant last week when I was talking about our town and you mentioned statues of pregnant ladies.. then I heard it on TV.. I think it will be interesting, though an unusual subject for any town.. (apart from one town local to us which has v high teen pregnancy rate and is the but of many local jokes..)

    Ohh Ali is so photogenic, and love that effect again.. is it instagram?

  6. great photos of Ali with Randy the pumpkin :) I hadnt heard about the statue- it looks very big.

  7. I love the photos of Ali and the pumpkin.
    I'm really not sure about the statue. I'd have to see it before I made a decision.