Sunday, 7 October 2012

Natural Frame.

A photo of the layout showing the photos I took yesterday. I think that counts as a new photo :D

The circles are natural frames I guess.
Ali carrying water to fill his moat, a blog post with a video telling more of that story for Storytelling Sunday is here.

A solar rainbow/flare? Not sure but it looked like a rainbow without rain to the eye, the camera hasn't caught it brilliantly but you could see more colours in it. I have never seen it before.

This was Ali's side of the battlefield, this was Feather Kingdom and you can just see him in the background collecting more water!

Here is to another week. I am back to part-time again. (Anne, the boss was away for a fortnight and so I was in charge and trying to do my job as well :D). Someone else asked me a question and I can't for the life of me remember what, apologies. I will try and find time for a check back.
I am hoping my mojo is better this week. I am finding it harder and harder to find new photos!

Oh and I finally did it, I posted this post to the other blog by accident. I have removed it but I imagine it will arrive in readers! Apologies if you are one of them.
I have to say, moving to a mac has been amazing except missing Microsoft Live Writer which is a superb blogging tool. I knew I might get confused more easily.


  1. I love all the cirlces on the layout and great photos. Looks like Ali is standing on top of a sandcastle in one :)

  2. I love the layout, but especially love the sancastles and Ali carrying water, make them big andscrap them..they won't need much else, great perspective.. rest up..x

  3. Well I hope you enjoy your part-time again, you seemed so happy and more relaxed before ! xxx

  4. Great project! And great photos! I adore sand castles!
    Good luck!