Sunday, 25 March 2012


What I should have been doing is getting to bed, what I was doing was photoshopping photos for my project life album. Finally, I have caught up with it today Smile


  1. I love all your project life pages, Jen !

  2. Oh Jen..I've just been reading your blog.. the other side.. the old stuff.. isn't it amazing how you can get such a feel for someone's life on a blog.. I hope you don't mind me saying.. I started blogging to supplement my layouts which I kind of started in the wake of my Mum's dementia.. and now I just about tell the world (well the ten or twenty who actually look at it) my ramblings.. all because I want to remember the mundane and the everyday comments just like my Mum did.. just in case one day my kids and great kids are as soppy and nostalgic as me but I have forgotten! We are our families and blogging kind of lets us put into words the appreciation and humour which happens every day but we don't always otherwise acknowledge.. just sayin' xx