Saturday, 3 March 2012


Flat as a pancake is the land around here at Olney which was brilliant for my jog this morning. I went around Emberton Country Park and it was me, a couple of fishermen, a few joggers and lots of lovely birds. It was a change for them not to be sea-birds as well. I can tell i’m far from the sea and it feels a bit wierd but the lake is more than gorgeous.
I mentioned flat as a pancake…Olney is famous for it’s pancake race, which we were lucky enough to see last year. I noticed this was represented on their village sign so I stopped on my jog to snap it.
We spent the rest of the day leisurely scrapping and eating cake…..oh and I had a nap Smile


  1. Gorgeous photos Jen, I love the lake and the wild life. Pancake race? Yummy, I would have eaten them all before it even starts !

  2. What lovely photos- great that the town sign includes the pancake race.

  3. Great photos - looks like a lovely place to jog!