Friday, 23 March 2012


The clock mocks at the moment…I have set an iPhone ticker clock to show how I am feeling about getting there tomorrow again.


I usually like my job and most times I really love it…increasingly I get frustrated as it isn’t very creative. Mostly though I am happy as it provides a living for my family.

Gawd, I am on a downer the last few days! please ignore it, I know it will get better!


  1. Funny isn't it, you know it will get better but you still can't drag yourself out.. then suddenly something happens and the cloud has lifted.. life / womanhood / life again... feel for you.. from the currently sunny side.. xxxx

  2. Tell me about it - I finally feel like I'm coming out of the fog but well done on keeping up your photos. Sun's shining so that always makes me feel better :0)

  3. Hope you feel brighter soon, sometimes you just have to ride it out and you will. Look at those lovely boys of yours and think of the joy they give you.