Friday, 27 January 2012


Last year I did not set any goals, I didn’t challenge myself to anything. I set one new year resolution to grow my hair, I have succeeded, but really that is lazy, I just didn’t have to do anything for that.

I did resolve to lose a bit more weight, I had lost 2 stone the previous year and I was so happy to get to a large 14/small 16 that my heart wasn’t in it.

Well I had a very long day every work day (5 a week), I was part of the leadership team that opened a new store, so it was 10 hour shifts plus, plus an hour and a half commute so really there was little time for anything other than being exhausted. Dad was then diagnosed and died in the first half of the year and I just comfort ate which is my default state. Bang on went the 2 stone and then some.

Well, I moved stores at work and cut an hour off the commute, I have also spent a couple of months trying to get myself into the zone for losing it again and knowing that it was going to be a long haul. So I have set myself some simple, measurable and realistic goals. I have two years until I am forty so if I lose 2lbs a month then I will do it. Yes I would love to lose more quickly but if I don’t then 2 lbs is a more achievable target. I have also set myself a running goal, I didn’t last year and hardly went. Glad to see that the muscle memory hasn’t abandoned me though and I can still actually run Smile

I want to be able to run along our old railway track from Braunton to Bideford which is about 26 km. I am aiming to do 4km at the end of January and increase by 3km each month until I am there and I will also enter The Great South Run at the end of October which is a lovely 10 mile run through Portsmouth where I lived for many years.

So thank you for the lovely comments yesterday and I am going to believe that you really want to hear about the progress Smile

So on that long note (can you tell I am on holiday?), here is my amazing….


I did it, even better than I hoped Smile

So far I have lost 5lbs too so that is great, but as I say I am not going to worry about that too much, just keep the running going and eat the right amount of calories each day.

Another part of the trail I love.


I love this challenge, it is so helping to keep me on track with my other challenges. Thanks Suzie Smile


  1. Well done Jen, setting small but achievable goals is so much easier to keep to than a large one. I for one will look forward to following your progress during this year of photos and hopefully beyond. I love your amazing photo today :)

  2. Well done Jennie, both for the weight loss and for running. I admire anyone who has the determination to do that regularly.

  3. Well done, Jen.I can't run anymore because of my knees, but I used to love it and it's excellent to keep in shape !

  4. Good for you, I am sure you will continue to amaze us all (challenge participants) throughout the year with your achievements.

  5. well done Jen, you're doing really well. Lovely pics. When we were on holiday in Bideford, we really enjoyed walking along the route that you're running:)

  6. Well done. The railway track looks like a lovely run

  7. Isn't it amazing how many people's lives we get to glimpse with this challenge. I guess it appeals to the voyeurs and the chatty girls in all of us, and I really enjoy peeking at your days too. be sure we are all behind you! Kathi x

  8. One of my closest friends is planning to do the Great South Run in October too. We're planning to go along to support her. She did offer to let me join in but my pelvis/hips aren't up to it... :-( Mind you, I did have a very positive appointment with a physiotherapist this week so we'll see...

    Good luck with your training :-)