Tuesday, 10 January 2012


First of all, my laptop has broken. Correction, my laptop has been broken by my youngest son.

All is not happy at Hart Towers.

So if you have been by the last couple of days to see a title and a comment and no photo, my humblest apologies, the control freak in me didn’t want to have a post incorrectly dated so I posted and thought I can add the photos when there was time.

I also have had a major project at work to complete, the deadline was yesterday and it took every bit of time and energy to finish it! Including 4 hours work that was lost with the demise of the laptop that had to be replicated Monday morning.

Anyway, I have added the photos and also sussed out how to blog my photos direct from the iphone so I shall be able to carry on now until I can replace the laptop.

My lovely Mum has lent me hers today to upload and print my photos and complete project life for the first week. I’m so glad I did it and that I am doing this!

Anyway, metal.

Gunmetal grey describes the colours of the cove today.


Looks a bit grim.


  1. Mum's are lovely aren't they?

    The picture reflects how you are feeling about your laptop, grim!

  2. Love this photo. It's been a gunmetal Gray day here too.

  3. Great take on the topic - I just thought it was me not being able to see the shots and my laptop as I feel like throwing it through the window at the moment - won't link to printer and freezes. Everything is taking twice as long to do!