Friday, 6 January 2012


I had to cast round for this one, I can tell ‘e.

The light isn’t too great tonight but if you look carefully you can see my very own frosting.


You would think after a tub of hair dye last month that this sort of thing couldn’t happen.

That ain’t the only one either……must get some more dye tomorrow, perhaps a vat of it is in order.

Now that chocolate horlicks in that dear red spotty mug is all that is between me and the land of nod Smile

Thanks so much for the comments by the way, so sweet of you.

I am sorry I haven’t been round the last two days to everybody but we’ll all go daft trying to keep up every day. I will catch up on Sunday and then try for every other day. Night x


  1. I have a few (lot) of those too - wouldn't have noticed though if you hadn't told me :0)
    Night x

  2. Love the interpretation! I have my box sitting in the bathroom just need to get some kid free time to do it.

  3. Lol Jen. If i didnt dye mine my whole head would be like that

  4. LOL! Great idea :) I have a bit of frosting too ....