Saturday, 28 January 2012


At work my role is as Personnel Manager and often my work is referred to as pink and fluffy as the store I work for is very operational. A perfect example of this is in January when we hold our Staff Viewpoint which gives every employee the chance to have their say and let the company know what they think. Part of this is to create some theatre (propaganda Smile) around all the great things we have got up to over the year and that have been introduced by the company………so many people will wander past when I am doing such tasks and rib me for being pink and fluffy.

I hate these sorts of tasks, the part of my role that I love is coaching so I would much rather be doing that but hey work can’t be all fun now can it?

Anyway these are the photos of the room all dressed up.





  1. Good one.. I like the word fluffy as a description of things us girls do that others don't quite get! K x

  2. Thats a good interpretation Jen