Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I have decided to take photos of a view I have on my way to work on the last day of each month through the year. I imagine that I will now never go to work on the last day of the month Open-mouthed smile so it might have to be a day or so out. I wanted to do it to see the changes in the landscape, sky etc. It is still fairly dark when I go through, but at least this morning the sun was rising; beautifully.

So the link to wheels, erm…one imagines that there are wheels inside the windmills helping to turn the blades? erm….no I am not an engineer Smile


It almost made up for going back to work.


  1. LOVE THIS SHOT!!! Yes I am shouting! Fantastic sky, and I love the windmills in the distance. LOVE!!!

  2. These colors................ Gorgeous !

  3. very cool shot!! love all the colours... i suppose you could say you are recording the "wheels of time in motion"????

  4. Love the sky :-) - definitely worth going to work for!